For an incredibly affordable rate, we go the extra mile. We are extra thorough, extra careful and most importantly, we are ExtraClean. We will ensure that every possible surface is as clean as can be, time after time, without fail or hassle. Since 1979, we have scrubbed, mopped and polished our way into the hearts of our many clients.

Based in Capalaba, we are able to service customers throughout the greater Brisbane area. Whether you are an office, a GP, a kitchen or a store, we are here to provide you with affordable and thorough cleaning services, including:

Commercial cleaning of all workspaces and facilities;
Dry and steam carpet cleaning;
Interior and exterior window cleaning;
Exterior property maintenance;
Vinyl cleaning and resealing;
Pressure cleaning.
We are always focused on you when delivering our services, even when it comes to cost. From sourcing the best suppliers through to the development more cost effective cleaning techniques, we have taken every necessary measure to ensure that we can pass lower costs on to you.

At no point in any of our working relationships have we ever asked or expected our clients to lock themselves into a contract. What we offer is a mutually beneficially agreement, that has no conditions beyond four weeks notice before terminating the arrangement. We are here to be your aid and ally against all the trouble and hassle of maintaining a happy and healthy workplace. At ExtraClean, we deliver services based on understanding, not obligation.

Seeing as there are no contracts, there is no time limit or cut off point for our relationship with you and your premises; ExtraClean aims to be your ally in hygiene for as long as humanly possible. The longer we are with you, the more we learn the ins and outs of your facilities and the more thorough we can be. The proof of this can be seen in the simple fact that we’ve worked with some of our clients upwards of 31 years; all the time adapting to their changing needs and circumstances.

One of the many ways we have adapted our services to better meet the needs and tastes of clients is to incorporate a greater range of greener options and services. We take all necessary precautions to protect the environment while also maintaining your green image.

Our green methods include, but are not limited to:

Decreasing the need for chemicals through the use of micro-fibre technology.
Following an industry recognised green cleaning checklist on all jobs.
Make recommendations to you that will improve your own daily green hygiene habits.
All detergents and cleaning solutions are biodegradable and cater to low-allergic needs without compromising on effectiveness.

Recycling all containers after use.
As newer products, tools and techniques come to light we’ll readily incorporate them into our services, further guaranteeing a quality clean that is safe for one and all.


The team from ExtraClean are here, day or night, to provide your corporate headquarters with thorough cleaning services that once done will redefine your meaning of clean. From the CEOs bookshelf through to the employee lounge, we will tackle every last little spot or speck that would otherwise cause hassle or discomfort; a clean office is a happy office, at least that’s how we see it.

Our commercial cleaning services can help with a wide range of areas in and around the office:

Common areas
After years in the cleaning business, we have been able to piece together two cleaning packages, each affording you an unparalleled clean at an affordable price:


When it’s a matter of budget, time or already being reasonably clean yourself, our silver cleaning package provides you with a basic but thorough clean for an affordable price. Once to twice a week, a team from ExtraClean will see to those key areas around the office that matter most to you; this gives you plenty of peace of mind without added cost or worry. All we need to know is what and where you need cleaned most and we’ll take it from there.


For that bit more, our team can value add to our already thorough cleaning services. Our gold package affords you an absolutely meticulous clean up to 5 times a week, covering every last space within the office that requires cleaning for either image or hygiene purposes. There will not be a speck of dust, mould or dirt to be found anywhere within your workplace by the time our team is done. We can even customise the nightly cleaning schedule to ensure that across your entire office space, no spot is cleaned any more or less than needed.


At all times, ExtraClean team of cleaning professionals work according to your needs and expectations. This is why, with every client, we establish a clear and detailed plan of action regarding what is to be cleaned and when – a plan that can be changed according to your needs or budget at any time. This plan and accompanying logbook kept on site will further ensure that every detail of the plan is available to all members of your own team.

Commercial Offices
Body Corporates
Large & small business
Medical Centres & Vet Clinics
Retirement Communities
Transport Depots
High Rises & Multi-Storey Buildings
Sports Centres & Community Centres

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  1. said on 06/06/2015:

    Professional, Easy to work with and reliable.

    Extraclean has set a high standard for anyone to be compared with. Unlike any other companies I have dealt with in the past, I have had the same person cleaning for over 18 months.

    Thank you Luke, Jo (my cleaner) and the entire team at Extraclean for keeping our premisses spotless.

  2. said on 04/03/2015:

    We had our offices and suites cleaned and were very impressed by the service provided by ExtraClean. They attended to every little detail and were very well priced. I would recommend them to anyone. Thanks to Luke and the staff

  3. said on 03/12/2014:

    ExtraClean are true professionals. They cleaned our unit perfectly. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

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