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Welcome to the official website of Apollo Solar. We provide quality solar power and solar hot water system solutions to Queensland homes and businesses at affordable prices. We also offer hybrid solar.

Since we started in 2010, Apollo Solar and its partners have assisted over 1,500 customers reduce their energy bills. We have completed over 1012 solar PV installations, installed over 17,000 solar panels, covered over 20 km of railing and over 1000 inverters. Our reputation is important to us, and we strive to assist our customer reach their energy efficiency goals and in a budget that suits them. We pride ourselves on workmanship and honesty.


We also pride ourselves in our honesty: we believe that Solar PV doesn’t suit everyone we visit. We want to make sure our customers invest in solar that works for them, not just our bottom line.

We educate our customers on what it costs to run different appliances throughout their premises and from their, we provide them with solutions to their energy consumption woes.


The sun provides us with plenty of abundant, free and largely untapped resource of natural energy. We believe it makes sense to take advantage of it.

To take advantage of this energy, we have a wide range of energy-efficient Solar Products available – Solar Hot Water, Electric Heatpumps, Solar PV Systems, Solar Pool Pumps, Energy Monitors for your home or Business, LED lighting, Energy Efficient Air-conditioners, Solar Powered Roof Ventilators and for many more exciting energy efficient devices. For more info click here!

Apollo Solar surrounds itself with only strong brands in the Australian market and built tough for the harsh Queensland conditions. Not only do we sell these strong brands but we are also Warranty Agents for all of the products that we sell. This means we stand by them, we stock spare parts and if you were to ever have any issues down the track, you can rely on us to fix it quickly and conveniently.

Due to this strong relationship with our suppliers and partners you can be confident that we know our products better then anyone else.


We provide quality solar hot water solutions to Brisbane, Townsville and Queensland. Using high-grade products developed by Rheem, we’re able to provide establishments with reliable solar hot water.

Getting started with solar power

It doesn’t take much today to see the benefits of using solar power. With electricity rates and environmental pollution continuing to increase, more people are now turning to solar energy to power their homes and business. Unfortunately, getting started with solar power can be quite tricky. There’s a wealth of information out there (some of it unreliable) and countless energy providers to choose from.

So how do you choose the right solar power package for you? There’s no quick answer to that question, and there shouldn’t be. If you want the best service and provider for your needs, you need to do all you can to make the right and informed decision. While there’s no single process to answer this question, the following is a quick guide that we think will help you more easily decide what’s right for you.

Our Energy Efficiency Products

At Apollo Solar we keep an open mind when dealing with our customers energy needs. We pride ourselves on supplying you with the best and most creative products available to the energy efficiency industry. Our products have all been tried and tested in Australian conditions are backed by solid warranties and local support.


These dynamite panels are produced by the solar production giant Zues Appollo. They are a CEC Approved, A Grade Solar Panel that boast one of the highest efficiency’s on the market. Backed by solid industry standard warranties, they are an industry leader in production and reliability. With local warranty support in Queensland you can rest assured you will be in safe hands with these remarkable panels

Hybrid Solar Systems

With hybrid solar systems, you can enjoy the many benefits of solar power and solar hot water – without needing to completely rely on the grid.

With Queensland’s ever-changing climate, it’s becoming increasingly important to have a stable, economical solar supply without having to worry about the day’s weather conditions.

Solar Panel Inverters
SMA Solar Technology is a global leader in the development, production and sales of Solar PV inverters.

ABB Aurora Inverters (previously Power One) are manufactured in both Italy and the United States and one of the most popular inverters installed in the world.

Zeus Appollo are world leaders in Solar Technology.

Hot Water Systems
With 25% of the average electricity bill being attributed to water heating. Energy efficient hot water systems are a great way to reduce your power bill. Solar hot water systems cost about 75% of the cost that a conventional electric hot water system costs to run. This is the most energy efficient way of heating water.

Energy efficient hot water systems are a great way to reduce your power bill. Electric heatpumps work similar to the way an air-conditioner works, but it heats the water instead of cooling it. These system will use 65% less power than a conventional hot water system.

Keep your pool sparkling clean all year round and use the sun to do all the hard work. With conventional pool pumps costing a considerable amount to run depending on their age and size, solar pool pumps are a great way to combat this and never pay to run this expensive appliance again!

Daikin is the world leader in technology and innovation for the Air-conditioning industry. For years they have often been the standard in which their competitors design their systems to compete with. With features like intelligent eye, Sky-Fi and energy efficiency ratings better then any other on the market, Daikin is the way to go in cooling your home and efficiently.

For those tech savvy clients of ours, we can install energy monitors in your home or business! This will allow you to see exactly where you are using your power and in real time not after you have received your bill. These great products can even be used with relays to switch off circuits remotely via your smart phone or tablet!


Solafan is a solar powered roof ventilator that greatly reduces the amount of hot air in your ceiling space. This assists your air-conditioners in your home and compliments your ceiling insulation to leave your house cool, even on those hottest days. With a low profile, Easy DIY Install and a solid 5 year warranty, it is a great addition to your home in time for summer.

These clever little devices can be fit to pool pumps, bore pumps to increase their efficiency and reduce running costs. They can be used on any electric motor and due to the efficiency increase, they often extend the life of the electric motor as well.

We have a huge range of Stylish and energy efficient lighting available. We can conduct Lux testing for your premises and design a lighting plan to suit your needs. We can then provide you with Return on Investment (ROI) calculation so you can make an informed choice and within your budget.

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  1. said on 04/11/2014:

    These guys are professional and good middle band on price. The components appear to he high quality. Our 3kW installation went smoothly and is operating well. I took quite some time to finally make an order, and they were happy to wait patiently and requote as necessary. Very happy to recommend them.

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