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trade equipment tool hire in Sumner Construction & Trade Equipment Hire in Sumner.  Air tools, Air compressors, Compaction, Concrete and Masonry, Construction lasers, Generators, Flood Light Hire, Landscaping Machinery, Trucks, Vehicles and Trailers, Welding Equipment & More.

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CENTENARY HIRE From 1981 through to the current day, Centenary Hire is a family owned and operated business and the high level of customer service which has come to be expected from our customers, is attributed to this family ownership. More importantly, we understand that service is more than just a word and that a business is judged by it’s actions. That’s why many new c
All Lifting & Safety

Servicing Sumner

All Lifting specialises in metal fabrication, crane commissioning, sling manufacturing, fabricated lifting devices, custom work box manufacturing, training and supervision of height and safety solutions. All Lifting is a NATA accredited facility offering in-house and on-site mechanical testing and visual inspections in compliance with ISO 17205 Standards and Repair Services.