Finding the best builder for your home

Finding a good builder can be tricky. Use our top tips, and list of Queenslands best builders, to make sure your house renovation goes like a breeze.

wooden construction of house being built in queensland, australia.

You hear less about DIY these days, with good reason – building work is essential, has safety and legal aspects, and is time-consuming and costly if amateurs make mistakes.
So it is vital to find a good builder, experienced in the work you require and offering clear competitive rates so you can select the best.
But where do you start? Follow our tips in our building industry’s blog.

Top tips for finding the best builder

1. Check a builder is in a trade body – the Federation of Master Builders Australia, the Housing Industry Association (HIA), & the Queensland Building and Construction Commission.
2. Ask for references and check them out;
3. Ask about a builder’s experience and qualifications;
4. Check whether the builder uses sub-contractors;
5. Does the builder have insurance if something goes wrong?
6. Always ask for a detailed quote, checking how long the price is guaranteed for;
7. Draw up a contract if the work you require is substantial;
8. Agree phases of work and stage-payments;
9. Ask a local council inspector to check the work meets building regulations;
10. Keep a final payment until the work is complete.

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Work with your builder

To get the results you want, good communication with your builder is vital. Explain your ideas and meet regularly to discuss how the work is progressing.
If you are unhappy with the work talk to the main person, not just a team member or subcontractor. Remember most things will probably be able to be amended more easily before they are finished.



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